De-palletting, de-boxing, unwrapping of cheese blocks as well as buffer and accumulation systems.


Merkliste DBM

De-boxing Machine DBM 

For the de-boxing of Cheddar blocks. 


Merkliste FAP

Film Unwrapping Machine FAP 

For unwrapping film-ripened cheese blocks such as Euroblocks or Cheddar.

Merkliste RM

Bar Magazine RM 

The bar magazine is the perfect storage unit prior to every portion cutter or slicer. An integrated lifting device eliminates height differences between block dividers and portion cutters and slicers.

Merkliste Vestor II


The vertical accumulation system with up to 40 storage spaces ensures continuous operation of the cutting line and its subsequent flow wrapping machine.

Merkliste SRF

Accummulation Roller Conveyor SRF 

For the accumulation and continuous infeed of portions via a driven roller conveyor with accumulation function, e.g. between a cutting machine and a packaging machine.

Merkliste SB 230

Accumulation Belt SB 230/12 

Contact-free accumulation and synchronisation between the cutting machine and the continuously-operating packaging machine.