Merkliste CUT 32

CUT 32 

For the intelligent cutting of fixed-weight portions, each cut is calculated from the data of the weight and contour measurements by the density scanner DS 32 – even suitable for fermented holed cheese. Accessories such as the wedge blade enable wedge-shaped portions to be cut. For cheeses such as Stilton or Gorgonzola which would smear onto the blade, ultrasound technology is the best solution.

Merkliste CUT 25/HS

CUT 25/HS 

Dual-lane high-speed cutting line for the cutting of up to 240 fixed-weight portions/min.

Merkliste CombiCUT


Cutting machine for cheese bars and halved cheese loaves in one machine.

Servo drives enable the individual adjustment for various products and a fast format change within 5 min.