As a competent partner, we help you to realise your ideas and develop solutions for attractively packaged soft and pasty products. Even the high demands of traditional packaging, which makes your product appear to have been “packaged by hand”, can be fulfilled by our machines.


Merkliste FreshPack

FreshPack - For pasty products such as cheese spread, cream cheese, butter etc. 

This machine range differs from SoftPack as the packaging is pre-formed into a given shape and then after the pasty product (which is often hot) is dosed into the packaging and sealed. Depending on the packaging design, this combined folding / sealing technique often has an originality seal and “easy-to-open” feature. 

Merkliste SoftPack

SoftPack - For very soft products e.g. Crescenza cheese. 

The classic fold wrap in combination with a longitudinal seal gives your product a traditional hand-made look. The tight packaging reduces air containment thus increasing product shelf life. The packaging is easy to open. 


Merkliste SAN 60/CS

SAN 60/CS - For soft products e.g. Crescenza cheese. 

In contrast to SoftPack, this is an envelope wrapping without a longitudinal seal. Thanks to the folding principle “from top to bottom” particularly soft products are able to be packaged gently.