Contact to the customer is achieved via packaging, especially in the case of products with large formats. The suggestion of “traditional” or “hand-made” appeals to the customer and draws his attention to your product.

Merkliste SAN 40/V

SAN 40/V 

This machine is designed for large heavy products up to a max. diameter of 250 mm, at a capacity of 40 products per minute.

Merkliste SAN 20/V

SAN 20/V 

It might be a smaller version of the SAN 40/V, but it can still be used up to a max. diameter of 350 mm and with a capacity of 20 products per minute.

Merkliste VT 45

VT 45 

A semi-automatic packaging table for wrapping medium-sized products up to a max. diameter of 200 mm and a capacity of 11 products per minute.