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High-Precision Portioning for Optimum Yield

ALPMA at the FachPack 2018

Highest precision, maximum flexibility and optimum yield: At the FachPack, ALPMA is presenting its fully automated systems, which ensure both efficient and cost-effective cheese production. First and foremost, the ALPMA flagship in cutting technology, the CUT 32.   

The FachPack trade fair is something of a home game for ALPMA: for almost forty years, ALPMA has participated with its own booth in Nuremberg, demonstratinghow its solutions get cheese into optimum shape. The focus of the ALPMA presence, at Booth 341 in Hall 1, is the CUT 32: in a matter of seconds, this innovative portion cutting machine measures and cuts complex cheese bars into precisely weighted portions, right down to the last gram – therefore increasing the yield of fixed-weight cheese pieces by up to 20 percent. During the portioning process, cheese-making factories lose money through underweight or overweight portions.

The CUT 32 reduces this ‘give-away‘ to a minimum: it cuts even complex cheeses such as Emmental precisely into fixed-weight portions. In some cases, cheese producers can get up to one whole portion more out of  a cheese bar. An intelligent combination of state-of-the-art measuring and cutting technology makes this possible: the CUT 32 quickly measures the contour of a cheese bar supplied via a conveyor belt, automatically calculates the correct portion density and then cuts the bar optimally into portions of the pre-selected size. And all of this takes no more than a few seconds: the CUT 32 can cut up to 120 fixed-weight cheese portions in one minute. Its ‘big brother,’ the CUT 32 HS, can even cut 240 portions a minute thanks to its dual track. And following the cutting and portioning process, the latest ALPMA packaging technology ensures that the cheese is also a feast for the eyes.