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Welcome to ALPMA

ALPMA is a globally successful mechanical engineering company which produces machines and installations for the dairy and food industry. 

Our Process Technology, Cheese Production Technology and Cutting and Packaging divisions offer our customers and partners a unique range of products – all from a single supplier – from machines which lead the field both technically as well as technologically, to the processing and packaging of food, to complete system solutions for dairies. 

ALPMA - Your partner in process technology

Process Technology

ALPMA has been delivering innovative installations for the food industry all over the world for more than 20 years. We are specialists in the pre-processing of milk for dairies and the further processing of sweet and acid whey into high-quality whey protein products.

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ALPMA - Your partner in cheese technology

Cheese Production Technology

ALPMA, your partner in cheese production, builds installations for the production of soft and yellow cheeses, using some the best technologies in the world

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ALPMA - Your partner in cutting technology

Cutting Technology

Whether you wish to cut cheese or other foods, whether they are small or wagon wheel sized, the precise cutting technology of our ALPMA machines cuts every product with absolute exactness, regardless of its consistency.

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ALPMA - your partner in packaging technology

Packaging Technology

Whether it is for food or non-food products, whether it is as soft as butter, hard, round or cornered, there is no limit to the imagination as far as shape, quality and consistency are concerned. ALPMA always offers suitable fold wrapping for your products

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